ॐ~  ॐ~ Ʒ~ !! GOA FREQS !!Ʒ~

Lovely creatures, Freaks , peeps, of the mother earth , Universe .
Our focus is mainly spreading ,psychedelic ,chillout ,accoustical frequencies , Dance , peace, love , joy ,harmony, laughter, & collective conciousness on the dancefloor ,bringing all tribes of the Mother earth , universe together .

Deep in the mystical , beautiful swedish forests , country side ,fieldFar beyond the horizon, in the enchanted Saxevall Pors Myren, is an area of ​​forest and tree groves called Spiritz of the Jungle. In this magical place has spiritz fairies lived as long as anyone can remember, in a kingdom that just as only belongs to them. Here ramparts butterfly fairies shepherd their flocks to the butterfly flower fields and vegetable its mystery and delights. For the spirits fairies world there is an endowment for each task that must be done, and all the elves do have an undertone of magic. Now you get the opportunity to enter Spiritz of the jungle and enjoy the music of the spirits magical world that spreads the love, light and peace to our souls. Deep in the heart of Spiritz of the jungle is a place where the little ones can rest their souls, dance around the magical moss hills, climb the enchanted trees, play hide and seek, listen to the spirits fairies tales and songs and magic dust of nature’s great pantry.

 we invite beautiful souls from all over the world to share joy, laughter ,peace , dance and creativity together.

” spirits of the djungel “

We welcome you to join us , Create a ever lasting memorable Experience for all the freaks in the Magical Nature Sweden has to offer .


Most welcome to Join us because together we Make the Magic Happen.

!! PLUR N-JOY !!